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2013-09-18 02:12 pm

Two years later...

Got sucked into tumblr for, ah, about 20 months? Well, there are so many pretty pictures. But there's some stuff I want to read here, so I'm back for awhile at least.
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2011-12-22 09:31 pm

Scattered, tumblr, hot, hot Monroe

Well, obviously since I have too many journals spread everywhere and I don't update them much, if ever, the thing to do is get yet another one. Soooo.....now I have a tumblr (http://pieflavoredcoffee.tumblr.com/), but I think not only will I update that one more frequently, but it may cause me to update others more frequently, or to at least decide what to keep and what to abandon.

But tumblr, it has pretty, pretty pictures.

Also, I am now in love with Nick/Monroe of Grimm.

Dean/Cas is my OTP, but I'm kind of obsessed w/Monroe right now.

Can you blame me?
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2011-05-05 12:16 pm
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Getting angsty about Friday (Supernatural)

They wouldn't do anything *really* bad to Cas, now, would they? After giving us the "profound bond" and the long, lingering looks and "Blow, me Cas!" and "Cas, get out of my ass!" On the other hand, it's not like evil/death is really permanent. On the gripping hand, Gabriel is still dead. *sniff*
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2011-02-22 12:51 pm

Just setting up...

Hi, I am a real person. I'm setting up here where nobody knows me so I can try some fanfic without feeling too embarrassed. Or maybe I'll just read and never update. We'll see.